By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

What I Wish I knew Before my Dietetics Internship.

It is well noted and appreciated by many that experience is the best teacher. However,the wise and best thing in life is to learn from the experience of others. Trust me, some mistakes are not worth the experience. I am optimistic of the future of dietetics and appreciate greatly how lecturers, preceptors and dietitians are inspiring the next generation of

New Code of Ethics for Nutritition and Dietetics Profession
By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

New Code of Ethics for Nutrition and Dietetics Profession

The Academy’s Code of Ethics has been updated numerous times since the 1930 publication of “A Professional Code for the Hospital Dietitian.” The most recent revision prior to this year’s was published in 2009. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The Academy is committed to improving  the nation’s health and advancing

By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

Diabetes UK New Nutrition Guidelines Supports Individual Approach

Are you looking for evidenced based science of nutrition linked to the prevention and management of diabetes? Diabetes UK has launched a new nutrition guidelines to support Individual approach of diabetes management. The overarching aim of this guideline is to provide evidence based nutrition recommendations for healthcare professionals to support adults with diabetes and those at risk of Type 2

setting smart health goals 2018
By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

Setting Smart Health Goals for 2018

    The secret to setting smart health goals in 2018 We are always advised to write  down our goals if we want to achieve something worthwhile. There is more to turning your goals from a fleeting wish into something substantial. The following points would guide you to set smart health goals in 2018. 1. SPECIFIC Make your goal clear.Do

dietitian in ghana
By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

How to Become A Registered Dietitian in Ghana : A Step by Step Guide

       Becoming A Dietitian In Ghana Many of my friends looked at me with surprise when I told them I was a dietetic intern and  that I would be a registered dietitian (RD) soon after successfully writing the licensure exams. The  followup question was, did you school in Ghana? I always answered in the affirmative. I have had

A dietitian's new year wish
By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

A Dietitian’s New Year Wish For 2018

We all begin the new year with vim and vigour , thus invigorated to make a resolution about how we want to lose weight , eat healthy or keep fit. I this article I would try my best to detail what most if not all dietitians wish for the public and most especially their clients in 2018. In no definite

What you need to know about blood group diet
By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

The Blood Group Diet : What You Need To Know

Is The Blood Group Diet a Fuss or Based on Facts ? People around the world are familiar with the blood group diet or blood type diet, a lifestyle plan instructing followers to eat and exercise in certain ways, depending on their blood type. The blood type diet is based on the belief of naturopath James D’Adamo that one’s diet

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