A dietitian's new year wish
By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

A Dietitian’s New Year Wish For 2018

We all begin the new year with vim and vigour , thus invigorated to make a resolution about how we want to lose weight , eat healthy or keep fit.

I this article I would try my best to detail what most if not all dietitians wish for the public and most especially their clients in 2018.
In no definite order let us checkout the overview of my New Year wish.
a. Make Healthy Eating a Priority
b. Ditch All Fad Diets and Nutrition Trends
c. Comply with nutrition advice
d. It is not always about the weight
e. Be circumspect of nutrition advice you get online.

My Top 5 New Year Wish for a Healthier you.

1. May you make healthy eating a priority.

To be honest with you now. Although it would be really easy and cool to have some quick fix that would promise you to lose 10kg in a week. Unfortunately , it is just not going to happen .

2. May you ditch all fad diets in 2018.

Ditch all those fads diets and nutrition trends. Please stop starving yourself!
I guess you have tried several diets before and none worked for you. Why would you want to try another one now? Diets are not sustainable, honestly weight should not be lost too quickly! If you are on one of these types of diets right now ask yourself, in all honesty, how long do you think you can keep this up?
Consistency is essential. You cannot brush your teeth overnight or once a week to protect yourself against periodontal caries or cavities.

3. May you never go hungry when working with a dietitian.

Evidenced based nutrition is about sustainable changes. Gradual incremental lifestyle changes.
Healthy eating should be fun I guess. Eating healthy or losing weight does not mean starvation or going hungry.
You need to look at all the little things that adds to the big picture leading to your weight gain, poor sugar control or unhealthy eating pattern.

4. May your BMI be within the healthy range (18.5–25 kg/m2).

It is not just about your weight. Whiles many people consult a dietitian for weight related reasons, what you eat contributes greatly to your overall wellbeing. Your BMI and total body composition figures can be a great measure to indicate your risk of cardiovascular diseases and other nutrition related non-communicable diseases.
Nutrition is a great tool in reducing our risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Lest I forget, may your HbA1c never rise despite the sweets.

5. May you be circumspect of where your nutrition advice comes from.

When it comes to dietetics, evidence-based information can never be over emphasized. It is about time we all realize that nutrition is a science, therefore it is dynamic, and it is always evolving and aligns with new findings and research.
Dietetics is both an art and a science that requires the application of safe and evidence based practice, reflective practice and systematic clinical reasoning.

Digital media is a free space and due to this we are always bombarded with nutrition advice from Celebrity Nutritionist or Self Acclaimed Nutrition Experts. Do not be deceived by their huge following on Instagram and twitter.
Dietitians are the health professionals recognized in this country with the proper qualifications and training to give nutrition advice to clients and to the public.
Evidenced based information is essential when it comes to nutrition and dietetics.
Most of the information you find online are for educational purpose and they are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition.

We are all different. There is really no one size fits all nutrition.
For any personal nutrition related concerns or questions kindly contact your registered dietitian.

Happy New Year!
I wish you a healthier 2018.

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