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The 2016 Global Nutrition Report has been launched

Kenya on Tuesday joined four other countries to simultaneously launch the Global Nutrition report 2016.

The Global Nutrition Report (GNR) is an annual independent review of the state of the world’s nutrition status. Besides Kenya, this year’s report was launched in South Africa, Sweden, the USA and India.

Kenya was picked alongside the other four countries to launch the GNR 2016 to celebrate the positive progress the country has made in tackling some of the world’s health challenges including obesity and related diseases

According to the GNR report 2016 launched by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at a Nairobi Hotel,  “Kenya is the only country in the world that has shown progress in all the five World Health Assembly (WHA) nutrition targets”.

The report also commends Kenya highly for developing plans to target Non Communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes.

“This indeed shows the country’s commitment to address the challenge and though the country still struggles with the issue (diabetes) and a growing burden of obesity and NCDs, it is a source of hope and a best practice where (Kenya) other countries can learn from”, says a summary of the GNR 2016.

The First Lady said she was proud to be associated with the report which she had endorsed earlier in the year because it singles Kenya as a country that has made significant gains in addressing the global challenges of obesity, NCDs and in devolving nutrition data to the lowest levels in the country.

She also expressed happiness that the GNR 2015 had also highlighted Kenya as a country that was in course in meeting WHA targets for maternal and Child Nutrition.

“It is our leadership in these areas of health and nutrition; and our demonstrated commitment to achieving greater levels of both, that is the reason why Kenya is launching this report alongside four other countries in the world—the United States, Sweden,  South Africa and India”, said the First Lady.

The First Lady who is the patron of the scaling-up nutrition movement said  the Kenya’s National strategy for the prevention of NCDs and the National Nutrition Action


Click here to download the full report

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