setting smart health goals 2018
By - Prince Yalley Abban , RD

Setting Smart Health Goals for 2018



The secret to setting smart health goals in 2018

We are always advised to write  down our goals if we want to achieve something worthwhile.
There is more to turning your goals from a fleeting wish into something substantial.

The following points would guide you to set smart health goals in 2018.


Make your goal clear.Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to eat well or healthy ?

Do you want to exercise regularly ? Be specific!!
The more specific your health goals,the better and more smart it would be. It would help you stay focused .


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So you would know when you have achieved it.
To achieve a goal you have to measure progress. How much kg or lbs do you want to lose ?How many times do you want to exercise in a week? If we can’t measure, we can’t measure progress.



Goals you are able to work on.It is better to exercise twice weekly than to exercise everyday and breakdown after January.
Make sure the goals you’re setting are genuinely achievable. Start small !!



Be ambitious but practical. Set goals that are realistic. Setting an achievable health goal obviously makes it realistic. Change is a process, so be realistic and start small.



Your goal must be timebound. A smart health goal is not of much use unless it is timely.

We monitor and evaluate with time to ensure we are on track.

These are the 5 guidelines for setting smart health goals in 2018.


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